Influencer marketing
on a Cost per Sale basis

Clearfluencer is an influencer platform that works on a post view basis, because people don’t “click” on Instagram

Tracking sales

We track sales by comparing an influencers’ followers with an advertisers order database based on the name of the consumer.

Respecting privacy

We highly respect people’s privacy, so Clearfluencer is completely GDPR proof.

In private beta

Clearfluencer is currently in private beta. Sign up below to join our waiting list.
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How to start?

Setup your account

- Sign our contract
- Connect your order database and use our private server option to be GDPR compliant
- Get started with your first campaign!

Recruit influencers

- Use hashtags and automatic invites
- Let influencers accept your terms & commission and give them access to your marketing material
- Determine the campaign period and the conversion window
- Start generating sales

Pay for performance

- Validate every sale that’s being generated
- Pay your influencers easily through our monthly invoicing system
- Connect Clearfluencer to your data warehouse or attribution tool to analyse the contribution of your influencers to your overall performance

Big picture strategy, detailed insights

Get detailed insights on the effectiveness and incrementality of your influencer campaigns, without losing sight of the big picture.

Insights in just
a couple of steps

Start by selecting the influencers that you’ve selected for your campaign and who have agreed with your terms.
Then, connect your order database to Clearfluencer. This can be done by either uploading a spreadsheet containing all the orders during the campaign period or by connecting your order database to Clearfluencer by using a private server in order to remain GDPR compliant.
Clearfluencer will start to look for matches between the audience of your influencers and your order database. Hang tight!
Once we're done processing your order database, you'll immediately see the sales and commission per advertiser. After validating these sales, we’ll invoice them to you on a monthly basis and pay the influencers after we’ve received your payment.
With Clearfluencer we finally get an insight into the black box of influencer marketing. Being able to track and measure the ROI of each influencer helps us to make our campaigns much more effective.
David Mirshahi
Marketing Manager — EF Education First
As a restaurant in the heart of Amsterdam we work together with many influencers. Clearfluencer helps us to gain insight into how effective these influencers are and whether their campaigns actually lead to a reservation.
Willem Alberts
Owner — Escobar